Unify Bulletin - UnifyES

October 24th 2016, Unify held a Monday Night Football event at Humble ISD’s Turner Stadium. What started off as the Humble Athletic Department’s donation for a movie night on the field, quickly escalated into the idea to watch a football game on the football field. I mean, what better place to entertain our crazy group of people than a football field, and what better thing to watch than a Texans game. Yes, Unify does have a few non-football-crazy family also, so for them, a second screen was provided to play a kid-friendly movie.

As many kids (ages ranging from 4-54) played tag football, and others (ages ranging from 6 months – 60 years) watched Ice Age on a second screen, the Houston Texans vs. Denver Broncos game was broadcast on the big screen for all to see. If guests were not happy with football or Ice Age, they were happy to stay for the catered Italiano’s and the prize giveaways.

We had the whole stadium to ourselves, delicious food, a great group of people, football, and perfect weather. Although the night was not a success for the Texans, we consider the event a great success for Unify. Who knows, maybe we will do his again soon… *wink wink, Jay and Todd.*

A big thank you to all who helped make this event possible. The Humble Athletic Department went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect, along with help from the folks at the Humble Education Foundation. Top that off with an amazing Italiano’s catering donation, and you have yourself one helluva good night.