Unify Bulletin - UnifyES

To kick off the year, Unify Energy Solutions holds an All Hands Meeting mid-February of every year. A gathering of every employee in the company that is meant for a discussion over the successes and failures of the past year and a plan for the next is always turned into a fun get-together when you rally this team.  In celebration of the Unify Family’s incredible performance in 2016, and as motivation for the years to come, we created a Unify crest to be placed on a patch for each of our employees to have. Each employee was presented with a patch as well as a Unify Challenge coin as just the beginning of another Unify tradition.
In conjunction with our All Hands Meeting’s, we also conduct our annual cook-off. This year’s cook-off being called Wing-Man BBQ Competition to fit this year’s military theme. We are so thankful for such high spirits and great participation by all, even with the unruly weather.
A big congratulations to the following Wing-Man BBQ Cook-off Winners:
Best BBQ Brisket: Team McLovin
Best BBQ Chicken: Operation Bar-B-Killin’ It
Best Showmanship: Meat Masters
Best Dessert: Peach Cobbler by Colton Schimank with the help of Blue Bell.


Another tradition that Unify started this year is Annual Awards. For their performance during 2016, Unify awarded the following:

2016 Rising Start Awards – Kris Gonzales & Anna King

2016 Employee of the Year – Jesus Velarde


Also, this year, we wanted to give special recognition to our Founding Members, the guys that started it all, and sacrificed so much to get the ball rolling. Unify is what it is today because of all its employees, but we would not exist if it were not for this amazing group of guys, and our fearless leaders:

Founding Members: Jay Moorhaj, Todd Searcy, James Martin, and Kenny Sibley were presented with custom frames with their Unify Founding Member patch, as well as coins spaces to fill with their Unify Challenge Coins.