Unify Bulletin - UnifyES

Unify Energy Solutions’ Holiday Season was very eventful this past year. With 2016 being our second year to host both of our big Holiday Events, I think we can officially call them traditions.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2016, we held our 2nd annual Lunch with Santa, and yes, it was a Thanksgiving Lunch, of course! With the kids out of school, and before Santa gets too busy, that week is the perfect time to rally our families together to celebrate the season and give thanks. Why mix Christmas and Thanksgiving, you may ask? Because this gives our employees enough time, if they want, to use their family pictures from the event on their Christmas Cards, and because more kids and spouses are able to come that week.

As we did last year, the company provided the turkey and the rest was up to the employees. I can verify that our skill sets are vast, and that we really do have some master chefs hidden under their building automations get-up.

Wish us luck next year as we try to get Santa in the office for the 3rd year in a row!


Unify also hosted its 4th Annual Christmas Party, and as per usual, it was hit. Teaming up with Steamboat House, for their first event of this size, Unify was able to host 180 of its closest clients and employees for a wonderful, musical, and historical night. The Steamboat House located off of the Sam Houston Tollway, just west of TX 249, is a restaurant inspired by Texas History, and filled with it, as a matter of fact. Beautiful artwork and historical artifacts and documents cover the walls. The decorations in this venue were the best we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, by far. It was truly a pleasure to host our event there.

Beautiful decorations, wonderful food, and enough drinks to flood the desert were not all that the party consisted of. We also hired a Dueling Piano team from Piano Punch as our entertainment for the night. They put on an amazing show for us, and the crowd involvement did not disappoint. What can I say, we know some fun people. And as always, it was a good time at the Unify Christmas Party. For 2017, we once again have big shoes to fill, but we are already on our way to bust out of them!

If you wish to be a part of Unify’s Holiday events, please, just ask!