June 2017 – The Unify Team in Denver has been having a blast these past few weeks. For one, we stole the show at the Rocky Mountain ASHRAE Kickball Tournament with our Nerd theme. Good thing we had a great theme, because our kickball skills were not so great. Better luck next year, I guess. :)A big thank you to our family and friends that helped us out!!

The Unify-Denver team also hosted it’s own Crawfish Boil. Since a lot of us are from Texas (or at least spent a lot of time down there), we decided to introduce a huge part of our southern roots to our native Coloradans: Crawfish! We are a small enough group that we were able to comfortably gather at the home of Jim & Michelle Dye for our event. Before you know it though, we will have to rent the whole park like the team in Houston.