Last Friday, 2/2/2018, Unify held its annual All Hands Meeting and Cookoff. This year the crew had the pleasure of hearing Van Chancellor speak, bringing some enlightenment and motivation to the year ahead. The Cookoff that followed was nothing short of spectacular, both because we take friendly-competition very seriously, and also because when everyone is together, you can really tell how much Unify has grown. Last year’s slogan of “we are no longer a start-up” is now more evident than ever.


Best Fajitas
1. Better than Table Scraps
2. Los Unicornios
3. Table Scraps

Best Beans
1. Better than Table Scraps
2. Table Scraps
3. Los Mero Mero

Showmanship Award
1. Table Scraps
2. Los Mero Mero
3. Better than Table Scraps

Overall Winner (Because they won 1st in showmanship & placed high in both fajita and beans): 

Employee of the Year: Gene Gomez
Rising Star: Tim Baker