Our Unify Wellness Challenge 2018 came to an end on April 26th. This year’s challenge was a 12 week challenge once again, in hopes of encouraging the team to develop and maintain healthy habits. New to this year’s challenge was a more accurate Gains challenge, where Lean Body Mass was compared instead of weight alone. For our Loss category, we had several people experience tremendous success. Even if they didn’t technically win, the healthy habits that have been created are all that matter.


The “Winners” are:

Overall Winner – Highest Percentage Lost: Chavo Velarde – 28.8 lbs, 11.16%

Most Pounds Lost: Charlie Kramer – a whopping 37.6 lbs, 11.10%

Highest Gains: Pablo Plasencia – 15.45lb Gain in LBM.

Winning Weight Loss Team, with a combined 90lbs lost: Anita Hale, James Martin, Nick Wolff, Kirk Vaughn, Chris Miller, Charlie Kramer

Winning Weight Gains Team, with a combined 34lbs gained in Lean Body Mass: Anna King, Mo Badir, Todd Searcy, Josh Searcy, Jimmy Martin, Pablo Plasencia


A big thank you to all 37 participants!