September 12, 2018 – In 2018, Unify has devoted more time than ever before to developing our Service Department. Before now, we would simply help you with service whenever you needed. But now, with the help of our new Service Director, Quanah Martin Jr., we have developed a more efficient Service Department that is fully staffed and fully equipped to meet your needs.

The Unify Service Department is here to provide the following services:

  1. Service Agreements
  2. Demand Service Calls
  3. VFD Sales & Service
  4. Service Projects
  5. eParts
  6. Technical Support

Our Service Agreements sector is perhaps the most intricate part of our Service Department. Within the coming months, you will be approached by the Unify team to go through these options in more detail. In addition to the list below, we can work with you to develop a Service Agreement that best serves you.

Our current offerings for Service Agreements are:

  1. Basic – Preventative Maintenance
  2. Premium – Preventative Maintenance with Unscheduled Service (parts & labor)
  3. Defined Scope (Preplanned labor and material)
  4. Block Hours
  5. Software Fitness

The Unify Service Team is excited to help with your service needs. For more information please contact your Unify Sales Representative. You can also contact our Service Director, Quanah Martin Jr or Service Coordinator Vanessa Plasencia directly at 832-300-6030.