January 29, 2019 – EXPECT THE BEST – That’s our slogan for this year. We launched this idea at the 2019 Unify All Hands Meeting, held Friday, January 18th. We want our entire team to Expect the Best in all that they do – Expect the Best from others and from themselves. We had a spectacular meeting this year, and had the pleasure of having guest speaker, Garrison Wynn, share his inspiring words with us. 
As always, following our All Hands Meetings, all employees compete in a cook-off. This year, it was Gumbo! Every inch of Bradfield Road smelled of Cajun delight. And everyone did such a wonderful job this year, in both concocting the best gumbo(s) ever & going all out with Cajun spirit!

Our cook-off winners were: 
Best Gumbo – The Real Deal 
Showmanship Award – Pardi Gras

You may also notice a funny picture with some folks wearing unicorn ears and horns.  That would be our new employees, hired since the last All Hands Meeting. Every year, we do something silly to “welcome” them… This year, it just so happened to be unicorn headbands.

Employee Awards: 
Employee of the Year 2018 – Jose Garcia 
Rising Star 2018 – Vanessa Plasencia 

It’s going to be a great year!