The Unify Sales Team gathered in the wonderful College Station, TX for their annual Sales Retreat on January 15th-17th 2019. The Sales Retreat, although fun is also had, is mainly about reviewing the previous year and setting goals for this year. This meeting creates a sense of accountability for the entire team & 2019 WILL be a great year! 
There are a few awards that are given out each year, and this year we added another, just because we can.

Kirk Vaughn – Top Sales 
(Because he’s the best at his job.)

Jarrod Conner – Entrepreneur of the Year 
(New territory just means new friends, right?)

Jim Dye – Man of the Year 
(Who gets cancer, opens his own family business, beats cancer, and all the while makes great strides for Unify in the Colorado market? – This guy.)

Also – we feel the need to mention what a wonderful experience we had with the Texas A&M Hotel & Conference Center. Outstanding service all around!!