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Secure Solutions to Streamline Data Centers

Reliable Systems for Data Centers

Unify Energy Solutions systems optimize speed, costs, and protection for data centers, where temperature, sound, and security can make or break efficiency and reliability. We provide reliable equipment and 24/7 customer service with immediate responses to keep your crucial energy supply running. Efficient climate controls keep your equipment cool and energy use and costs low. Our security solutions provide the tools to protect the sensitive information you house, and our sound protections ensure you and your equipment can both be safe when alarms sound. With your conditions optimized and a centralized system to track and control your facility, you save time and increase speed.

When technology equipment is at your core, temperature, humidity, noise level, and power supply cannot be compromised. Our solutions create and help you easily maintain a stable environment for your facility. We offer 24/7 customer support at no added cost, so your problems are addressed and solved immediately. Our systems help technology facilities optimize the large amount of power they require, so they are more energy-efficient, sustainable, and equitable.

Harness the Power of the Internet of Things

When it comes to data, the latest technology and reliable systems are essential. Our systems leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor, control, and optimize your critical cooling systems and their energy consumption.


The Unify Energy Solutions team will design and build a native Building Automation System (BAS) to tie directly to existing data center monitoring infrastructure or retrofit a solution to your existing BAS. Whether you run on JCI, Niagara, or any other system, we can integrate and improve your system’s efficiency and reliability. Every data center is unique, and we take the time to assess your facility and implement the correct solutions from HVAC, to security, to fire and sound protection. We help define schedules and zones for these systems, and ensure you’re minimizing your energy use, resources, costs, and environmental impact. We provide centralized controls so your team can visualize all assets and locations in one place, analyze data, and discover more opportunities to optimize your facility. After your system is up and running, we offer ongoing operational support and 24/7 customer service at no cost. We look forward to automating and enhancing your data center.