Enhancing the Workforce with Building Automation

Automate mundane tasks and keep your employees doing meaningful work. Building automation solutions provide consistent quality in performance, programmability, and remote intervention. They increase employee safety, productivity, and trust.

The Office Thermostat Wars 

By installing an automated building management system, you can avoid petty office wars over the office thermostat. Employees no longer switch the temperature up and down throughout the day, driving up utility bills. Building Automation Systems (BAS) such as Unify Energy Solutions, enable you to monitor and control heating, cooling and ventilation systems in order to keep employees comfortable. The World Green Building Council found an 11% increase in worker productivity with better ventilation; And a 23% increase in productivity with better lighting. Employee’s performance worsens when the room is hot and stuffy or freezing.

Will automation replace the workforce?

No, automation will not replace the workforce. Automation empowers employees. Building automation allows the maintenance workforce to focus on the mission of their organization. It allows employees to do tasks that they didn’t have time for because they were stuck doing mundane tasks in building maintenance. Building automation solutions not only save the company money, but provide consistent quality in performance, programmability, and remote intervention. Keeping the workforce away from doing risky tasks, such as coming into work during a pandemic to maintain HVAC systems.

COVID-19 and The Future of Work from Home 

Organizations who had building automation in place during the COVID-19 outbreak saved on operational costs when employees worked from home. Additionally, they could conveniently manage their building remotely. Meanwhile, companies without were forced to have technicians come in-person, ensuring HVAC, and risk becoming sick.

COVID-19 has changed how companies manage commercial buildings. When lean in-person operations are necessary, building automation could become an invaluable advantage for your company to stay afloat. A Hubstaff survey found work-from-home prevented layoffs in 66% of companies and 44% expected an increase in profits. Working in-person and remotely each have their own pros and cons. Forbes predicts hybrid workplaces will increase in popularity and in-person work will include meaningful brainstorming sessions and networking events.

Building automation systems not only build employee trust and feelings of safety in their workplace but reduce operational costs.


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