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The automation you need and the controls to capitalize on it

Building automation is integral to making your facility more efficient and cost-effective. We automate HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration for old and new buildings. With our intelligent climate and automation tools, you can optimize environments for occupants’ comfort and safety. Our solutions bring every system onto one single platform, whether you have a single building or network of facilities. With access and data both in one place, you can better track and control your resources.

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Streamline Workflow and Save Time

Our products and systems make it easy for facility managers to control environments efficiently and intelligently to meet the needs of people learning, working, shopping, and living in them. The RC Studio software engine that drives our systems has an easy-to-use graphics package and web interface that can display on a PC, tablet, iPhone, iPad, or any mobile device. Our software collects information in one, simple, centralized location, so everything can be tracked and analyzed no matter how large the facility or network of branches. With a streamlined workflow, your workforce operates quickly and has time to allocate elsewhere.

Building Automation Systems

Customized, cost-effective solutions for your facility

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Lighting Solutions

Modern solutions for existing facilities

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Optimization and Retrofit Solutions

Novel solutions for legacy buildings

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Design and Construction Solutions

Creative solutions made for you

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Retail Solutions

Scalable solutions to enhance the shopping experience

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Security Solutions

Saving energy to save resources

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Industrial Refrieration

Powerful solutions for perishable products

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