Free, Local Training For the Lifetime of Your System

Educate Your Team With Our Training Programs

Training is offered wherever our customer needs it: we offer classes several times a month in our Houston office, our training manager travels to host classes at our other locations, and we set up classes at a customer’s location as needed. Whether you want to understand simple equipment running schedules, or how to install and program a whole system, our training staff will teach you all you need to know. Keep up to date on our training class schedule and give us a call if you need to schedule your own.

Unify Energy Solutions provides free, local training for the lifetime of your system.

We are dedicated to teaching you about your Building Management System (BMS), so you can get the most out of it. Our training services are complimentary, provided for the lifetime of your system, and available at our locations or wherever you need us. We will teach you everything you need to know about your system, whether that’s setting simple schedules for equipment or installing an entire system yourself.

Our Mission is to align

BMS Industry

Our mission is to align the various stakeholders in the BMS industry through education. Engineers, mechanical contractors, and BMS contractors each are essential to the industry, but often do not understand the priorities, requirements, and constraints of one another. A more unified approach will lead to progress and innovation.


Live or Virtual Classes

We offer live training and virtual classes. We host classes at our on-site training center in Houston several times a month and frequently in Denver. For other locations, our training manager will travel and provide them in our offices or set up a training session at your location. Check out our schedule of live and virtual classes, or allow us to develop a custom development.

Custom Course Topics available to be delivered via virtual or live in person classrooms sessions!

Control Strategies

Design for advanced facility managers & technicians. The primary focus of this course is risk mitigation and energy efficiency, unlike traditional BMS training. The secondary focus is to familiarize participants with universal industry standards.

Performance Contracting

Designed for Performance Contractors. This course focuses on three ways to maximize the value performance consultants provide to their clients: understanding BMS Hardware, reviewing BMS technical submissions, and BMS technical management.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Designed for BMS beginners, university graduates, electricians, and mechanical technicians transitioning into the BMS industry. This channel teaches all the essential elements necessary for working with Building Management Systems.

Project Management for Engineers

Designed for BMS engineers transitioning into project management or Project Engineers that need to design, engineer, and manage projects. This course teaches project management with a focus on what to prioritize when the pressure is on.

We Want You To Succeed. We Will Train You

At Unify Energy Solutions, we believe that the customer that knows their system thoroughly is the one that gets the most out of it. Because of this, we have dedicated staff whose sole responsibility is training. Whether your goal is to simply set schedules for when your equipment runs, or you want to be able to completely install and program the system yourself, we’ve got you covered.