Lighting Solutions Market

Smart lighting is a rapidly growing global industry. Your facility operations strategy must be dynamic in order to survive! Companies are now rushing to invest in smart lighting, to gain a competitive edge and reduce facility operation costs.

At Unify, we use customizable and cost-effective IoT to solve problems in lighting and holistic building health.

Smart Lighting Industry Growth

Lighting solutions was an estimated $1.6 billion market in the U.S. during 2020. According to a recent report, the lighting solutions market is estimated to grow $12.4 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2% by 2027. Not only are lighting solutions growing in the U.S. but China’s lighting solution market is expected to grow $2.6 billion by 2027. We are also seeing rapid rates of growth in Japan, Germany, and Cananda.

The lighting solutions industry has seen significant growth due to interests in smart lighting. Smart lighting significantly reduces power consumption for commercial businesses. Companies are estimated to increase lighting solution use by 9% each year for the next six years.

Competitive Edge

Companies could gain a significant competitive edge by investing in smart lighting. In response to COVID-19 concerns, facilities have been dynamic and adaptable. Facilities frequently switch between in-person and remote operations for long-periods of time. Amid employees adapting to a new workplace routine, many can forget to turn lights off before leaving the office. Holistic efficient energy could be what makes or breaks a company.

IoT Smart Lighting gives companies a competitive edge, as commercial building analytics allow companies to see how energy is being used and how they can reduce energy costs.

Unify: Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Our lighting is energy efficient. Existing facilities are given a new life with our modern lighting systems. We create customized solutions according to your companies need, with attention to details such as natural lighting and open hours.

Our specialized Unify Glance system provides a readable visual dashboard that notifies you of important analytics. Our control system lets you remotely manage the entire system for countless buildings right from your laptop or smart phone. We help you be more sustainable and save energy, time, and money.

With high-efficiency lighting systems built on Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, we enable you to reduce electrical consumption by 30% to 40%.

Contact us today to get started on an efficient and scalable efficient lighting system!