Lighting - UnifyES

Unify offers a full line of commercial, industrial, and outdoor lighting products. Turnkey lighting retrofits as well as lighting controls provide opportunities to reduce a facilities electrical consumption by as much as 30% to 40%. A wide variety of manufacturer offerings allow Unify to have multiple solutions for most every application. While typically consuming the most electricity in a facility, lighting projects can allow the redirection of monthly utility funds to other areas of the facility, without increasing the average dollars spent in a typical month.







Empower your facility managers to save energy by integrating lighting controls into your building automation system with the Reliable Controls MACH-ProLight advanced lighting controller – the world's first BTL Listed product to meet or exceed the BACnet Lighting Device (B-LD) profile. The MACH-ProLight is a freely programmable and scalable BACnet Building Controller (B-BC), providing 0-10 V continuous dimming and BACnet BLO object support. This allows you to implement advanced control strategies such as daylight harvesting, dim-to-off control, vacancy control, plug-load control, and scene/theme control - key strategies for achieving OpenADR and Title 24 compliance. Compatible with standard lighting-control relays, low-voltage peripherals, EnOcean™ wireless products, and the Reliable Controls SPACE-Sensor™ and SMART-Net™ products, the MACH-ProLight conveniently ships in pre-assembled, UL 508A listed control panels, or as individual components.


LED lighting has officially arrived. On average LED lighting projects to reduce the lighting load by 70% and in many cases we see a 90% reduction. These projects not only see these types of electrical reduction but also see an increase in the light output as well as an improvement in the quality of the light. Most all fluorescent lights provide significant load reduction opportunities when comparing to LED. A return on investment for as low as 1.5 yrs is not uncommon to see on an LED project.


Unify believes that your building automation system should truly automate your building, not just your air conditioning. As such, we are experts in the evaluation, design, and installation of lighting control systems as a part of your building automation system. We know how to assess your building to see what control scheme is most financially feasible and beneficial, and will lay-out a user interface that is easy to use and manipulate as needed to provide adequate light when you need it and save you money on energy when you don’t.