Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Powerful Solutions for Perishable Products

Preserve Your Products with Reliable Refrigeration Solutions

Keeping perishables safe requires effective, reliable systems. Our industrial refrigeration solutions keep your food safe, extend shelf life, and reduce energy use and costs. Our controls monitor these systems and alert you of maintenance needs or complications, so they never become a problem. Our systems also help you track data and ensure you adhere to health codes for your products.

Centralize Your System

Our solutions simplify controlling and managing refrigeration technologies and save resources by preserving perishables and lowering energy costs. The Unify Energy Building Automation Dashboard integrates refrigeration systems and provides a single source of truth for all refrigeration assets. Whether you are operating locally, regionally, or nationally, your data and controls are at your fingertips.


Unify Energy Solutions keeps your business goals top of mind and tailors solutions and support to help you meet them. We understand that refrigeration setups are complex and unique to different products and facilities, so we create systems with monitors, temperature setpoints, and alerts that are specific to your business. Our monitoring systems provide immediate alerts for any changes in temperature or system failures, so you can act quickly and never risk the quality or shelf life of your products. Automated readings take the time and error out of checking your systems and gathering data to report, so keeping your business up to health codes is seamless. Centralized controls collect information in one place, so it’s easy for your team to manage any number of locations. After installation, we provide ongoing operational support and 24/7 customer service for the lifetime of your automation systems and equipment, so your systems keep functioning and your products stay safe. If your business evolves or your goals change, we are there with you, ensuring the system is always working to suit your needs.