Retrofitting Buildings for Energy Efficiency

New Solutions for Older Facilities

Helping Classic Structures Endure the Ages

We value history and believe in preserving classic structures and landmarks. Bringing heritage buildings up to date with advanced solutions ensures they are not inefficient or damaging to the environment. Our modern systems extend the life of older buildings and help lower the costs of maintaining the facilities.

Sustainable Solutions for the Modern World

In today’s world, sustainability is paramount. Unify Energy Solutions Turnkey Upgrades and Retrofit services enhance existing facilities to meet present-day sustainability standards. Our reliable, modern, and cost-effective systems allow you to achieve your goals.


The Unify Energy Solutions Retrofit Team will create a custom Building Automation System (BAS) for your facility to achieve your sustainability objectives while maintaining your building’s historical integrity. We manage all elements of the retrofit, from identifying your organizational goals and technical needs, to planning and executing your project. Creating centralized controls for your facility is essential, so functions are automated, and your team has a single source of truth to view alerts, assess data, and implement changes. Once we implement your solution, we continue to provide 24/7 customer support for the lifetime of your system. If your goals change or industry standards shift, we ensure your system evolves with them. We look forward to helping you enhance your facility.