Automated Retail Solutions

Scalable Solutions to Enhance the Shopping Experience

Scalable Solutions to Satisfy Shoppers Streamline Operations

Retail requires a comfortable environment, smart technology, and scalable solutions. Our systems control climate and lighting to create a pleasant shopping experience that is consistent across locations. With Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, we serve your staff as well as customers; in addition to creating a comfortable space, our systems provide analytics to monitor foot traffic so you can deploy your resources effectively.

Enhance the Shopping Experience With Smart, Scalable Solutions

Retail today goes beyond brick-and-mortar locations; we help connect multiple physical locations and digital networks on one system. With our systems in place, customers enjoy No matter how many locations you expand to, our technology can scale to serve them all, provide an on-brand environment, and cull data and controls to one centralized panel.


The Unify Energy Solutions Design-Build Team will create a comfortable and consistent shopping environment for your customers using automation and controls technology. Our turnkey solutions provide a single cloud-based dashboard that integrates existing hardware, so you can control and monitor any number of sites from near or far. With these systems in place, your operations can be automated and managed more effectively. We will help you create schedules for your lighting and HVAC to increase energy efficiency, implement foot traffic tracking, and work with you to streamline energy and resource use across the board. Whatever your store layout or business model, we can fit a solution to you.