Building Automation Systems

Customized, Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Facility

Customized, Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Facility

The right Building Automation System (BAS) is integral to streamlining operations and making your facility comfortable, safe, and cost-effective. Unify Energy Solutions provides a full-blown, fully customizable, fully programmable system that makes it easy for facility managers to control environments efficiently and intelligently to meet the needs of people learning, working, shopping, and living in them. The RCStudio® software engine that drives the Building Automation systems has an easy-to-use graphics package that can be managed through any internet connected device; desktop or mobile. Our software collects information in one, simple, centralized location, so everything can be tracked and analyzed, no matter how large the facility or network of branches. With a streamlined workflow, the team operates quickly and allowing to precious time to be allocated elsewhere.

Turnkey, Efficient, Scalable Building Automation Systems

Business Automation Systems

Single Site Or District

The System You Need to Automate, Streamline, and Save.

BAS In A Box

Nationwide Enterprise

Turnkey BAS solutions for a multi–site enterprise.

This BAS solution is prepackaged, programed, and wired, ready to activate upon arrival.

System Agnostic

Legacy BAS Or System Integration

BACnet(R) open protocols allow the Unify Energy Solutions dashboard and/or controller to aggregate multiple assets into a single user interface.

The System You Need and the Tools to Optimize it

We are a Reliable Controls partner and work with their best-in-class products to provide the right tools for effectively managing facilities. The Unify BAS provides the following tools to maintain an optimal environment while reducing resources and costs.

RC-Remote Access®

is the flexible BACnet Virtual Private Network (B/VPN) solution that simplifies IT management and improves data communication security. It does not require additional routers or controllers to deploy and allows configuration of multiple separate VLANs. It is a scalable and affordable software for deploying and managing a BACnet secure network yourself.


is the simple-to-use web interface, also known as BACnet Operator Workstation Software, that allows efficient management of any BACnet®, internet-connected building. It connects multiple control systems through one enterprise website with a simple interface. This single, central display can be accessed via secure Single SignOn (SSO) and viewed on a PC, tablet, iPhone, iPad, or any mobile device. Tracking and analyzing capabilities provide scalable visibility and control at a glance for any size facility or network.


is the BACnet Data Archiving Software that continuously downloads building data logs to an industry-standard SQL database. It delivers a robust record of performance for any internet-connected.

We pride ourselves on creating customers for life.

Unify Energy Solutions has the experience and technology to tailor solutions for each facility use case; our focus is to efficiently optimize your assets for today and be the lifelong partner for tomorrow.


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