Commercial Real Estate Management Software

Manage portfolios efficiently and effectively

Automated Management for Real Estate Portfolios

We provide systems that address occupants’ needs, connect multiple sites, and increase profits. With real-time reports and information and controls all in one place, you can reduce energy expenditure and make sure all your properties are running efficiently. With happy occupants, better sustainability, and lowered operating costs, you can increase the property value for your real estate.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Our HVAC and lighting controls improve your tenants’ experience and help them stay focused on the work at hand. Zone controls for air and light allow you to appease different tenants at once while reducing your costs. Immediate alerts on a central control panel help you address problems quickly, so they never disrupt occupants.


We have been improving commercial real estate facilities since 2013 and are confident we could make a difference for you. Our team will work with you to understand your goals, design a unique solution for you, implement that solution, and provide ongoing support. We create new systems or connect existing systems to new technology so you can better control the air quality, temperature, lighting, and security of your buildings. Our centralized system lets you manage multiple sites at once, essential for small and large real estate portfolios alike. We will help you increase occupant satisfaction and decrease your utility costs.