Energy Efficiency Systems for Manufacturing & Distribution

Reliable Technology for Optimized Operations

Simple Solutions for Complex Facilities

Modern technology is the key to creating efficient manufacturing and distribution facilities. Using smart tools, Unify Energy Solutions enables your systems to be integrated and coordinated, your facilities to be comfortable and safe, and your processes to be efficient and profitable.

Centralize Your Controls

We provide automated systems and centralized controls, so managing your facilities is seamless. Your existing equipment is integrated with new technology so you can easily control your HVAC and lighting systems, oversee security, and address production issues. With access to this centralized hub, your teams can obtain critical data at any time to gain insights, see alerts, and streamline operations.


Unify Energy Solutions will design and implement systems specific to your manufacturing and distribution facilities. Whatever you are producing, we can increase comfort for employees and optimize efficiency and cost savings. Our systems monitor and help manage lighting levels, air quality, security, safety, and production. These elements are integrated on one platform so personnel can access them from any location to assess data, view alerts, and make informed decisions. We work with you from inception through the life of your system: from understanding your goals, to design, to implementation, to ongoing support. Once your system is in place, we offer consulting and 24/7 customer service to extend the longevity of your assets, minimize risk, and maximize uptime. We look forward to creating a solution for you.