Energy Efficient Systems for Higher Education

Better solutions for better education

Advanced environments for higher education

Higher education buildings are a complex network of facilities accessed by a large population on a wide array of schedules. Our solutions help maintain the health and comfort of your students, faculty, and staff inside and outside of the classroom through air quality and temperature controls. Our advanced lighting systems ensure you are illuminating only the areas that need to be, when they need to be. Across the board, we help you reduce energy, resources, and the cost of maintaining your educational facilities.

Take Learning to the Next Level

Our solutions take learning environments to the next level by streamlining operations, improving living and learning conditions, and making facilities more sustainable and equitable. Our solutions not only control air quality, temperature, and light levels, we connect it all from a single, centralized system. Our tools allow you to monitor an entire campus from one console, respond to alerts quickly, and optimize on all levels.


Unify Energy Solutions has provided advanced solutions for higher education since 2013. Creating new systems or retrofitting existing ones, we implement high-tech solutions to control temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC’s, and light levels in your facilities. Each of these elements is connected from a single, centralized system so your staff can easily monitor them. We understand how crucial a comfortable and safe environment is for learning, and we are always available to address any problems with complimentary 24/7 customer service for the lifetime of your system. With extensive experience across the United States, we are well-versed in higher education facilities’ unique needs and have helped countless clients achieve their goals for efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.